Basil’s Logo Evolution

January 15th, 2018 by


Basil’s Logo Evolution

Throughout the years, Basil has had a slew of different logos, but never really a true brand identity and set main logo. There were many inconsistencies and little continuity across all of our 11 stores. Since there were no rules set in place for usage of the logo, there was also a lot of misuse and adjustments of our logo. So, someone could find our logo in a wide variety of colors, sometimes it would be squashed/ stretched, other times upside down, and the list goes on. The overall brand was being diluted due to these modifications of the logo. Eventually it was agreed that we needed a more thorough and consistent brand identity and thus it was time to solidify the Basil brand!

So first off there’s the recurring question of “What’s the logo supposed to be.” The logo is a cross roads – an on and off ramp making a nice symmetrical loop. To show this better we added a slight drop shadow to the crossroads to make it a little more identifiable, as if the roads are actually overlapping. We added depth to the logo while still keeping it subtle; it’s amazing how far a slight color change in the right place can go!

We wanted the logo to appear more friendly and inviting. The Basil Family of Dealerships pride themselves on customer service and being a warm, welcoming place. To reflect that family owned vibe we switched to a font called “Futura” and made it lowercase. We toyed around with many fonts but landed on Futura because it’s the perfect combination of professionalism and jubilance. We also added a script font to be used sparingly. We wanted to stray away from the thick brush scripts that have become overly popular. That brought us to a font called “blackjack”; it has a nice handwritten feel while still being clean and legible. A great deal of thought went into the color choice as well.

We went back and forth over many shades of mainly blues and greens before coming to a decision for our logo. Eventually, after surveys, focus groups, and many meetings we decided on a navy blue with a reddish – orange as our secondary color. The dark blue symbolizes stability, trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence; the orange is added as an accent color to liven it up and make it more friendly and fun!

None of these choices were made lightly, and ultimately we ended up with a logo that reflects all the Basil Family Dealerships’ ideals. Community, integrity, honesty and respect remain at the forefront of what we strive for and hopefully our rebrand reflects that!

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