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When it comes to driving your vehicle, you want to make sure nothing seems wrong when you’re in motion or carrying precious cargo. Brakes might be the most vital part when you’re in motion and the most important in upkeep. We always make sure you have the best knowledge about your vehicle’s brakes and how to keep them in the best condition.

Brake Service

When to Get Your Brakes Inspected

The best part about brake pads is that they have one for the most notable symptoms when in need of replacement. If you hear a metal on metal grinding or screeching sound as you press on the brake pedal, it usually means you need to replace your brake pads. That’s the sound of your brake pads wearing out either fully or partially, failing to properly apply friction to your wheels. However, there are other signifiers you should look out for to determine whether or not you need to replace your brake pads:

  1. “Service Brakes” warning icon flashes on the dashboard
  2. Hearing or feeling a heavy vibration while braking
  3. Brake pedal goes to the floor when you press on it

Getting your Brakes Inspected & Repaired with Basil Family Dealerships

When choosing where you get your brakes serviced, consider Basil Family Dealerships where our staff treats you with honesty, respect, and work their hardest on your vehicle as if it were our own. We understand that the difference of just a foot in braking distance or a second more staying in motion can make a world of a difference between you and other obstacles on the road. Let our qualified professionals keep your brakes in peak condition so your vehicle responds as fast as it should.