Employee Spotlight: John Sprankle

September 28th, 2018 by

Employee Spotlight: John Sprankle

I had the opportunity to sit down with John Sprankle this month and get to know him a little better, and wow! What a treat! John is a quiet, dedicated team member who has a world of experience and a pretty enlightened view on life, and what it’s all about.  We’re honored to call John a Basil team member and hope you’ll enjoy learning a little bit more about him as well!

Employee Spotlight: John Sprankle Robert Basil Buick GMC Cadillac

How long have you been working for Basil? It’ll be 5 years in September

What drew you to Basil originally? Well, I guess I came with the place!  Originally, when it was Jim Ball, I was on the lot and then in detail and then in 2012 I went to service and was an appointment coordinator until Robert took over, and then I went back on the lot in January 2014, i’ve been on the lot ever since. I like it because I like being by myself and I like organization, the winter is kind of a drag but it’s no big deal, I like being outside, I get to stay healthy.

What has been the best thing about working here? I like working here, I get along with everybody. I was in the military, so I can get along with anybody.

What did you do in the military? I was in the Air Force for 16 years. I was stationed in California, then Germany for 3 years, then North Dakota, then Myrtle Beach, then Guam, thats where both my sons were born, and then finally in Las Vegas for the last 4 years.

When I was in Las Vegas I went to Saudi Arabia for 6 months and that was interesting. It was hot!  The atmosphere was totally different and you’re surrounded by sand. I was used to the heat but Saudi Arabia gets HOT.  We’d leave at 3 in the morning and get to work at 4 am and work early in the morning because it was so hot.

What have you gained from working at Basil? Friendship, i’ve seen alot of people come and go and some people come back. Certain people we see outside of work.

What’s the best work related story you have? I remember I worked with a guy in detail, Dave Palmer, he died back in 2010. Ball had a Chiavettas benefit for his family. He had a heart attack 4 days after his 50th birthday. He worked at Paul Batt for 20 something years before he came here. He was a great guy, a great people person. Here today gone tomorrow, its true. I saw him that Friday and then suddenly he was gone. I think of him often and remember what a good person he was.

What advice can you give to prospective Basil employees?  Keep on working, alot of people and they think it’s better some place else, i’m sure its not.  In my day people kept their jobs. How do you establish yourself? If you don’t like your job then that’s one thing but if you do, work it!

Anything else you’d like to share about your experiences here?  I like working here and I get along with everyone!

What is your favorite thing about Buffalo? The Buffalo Bills. One day they’re going to win a superbowl. That’s all i want before I die, is for them to win the Super Bowl.  I wasn’t here for any of them before, when we were in the Bowl, i was away. The one we lost to Dallas I was in Saudi Arabia and I watched that at 2 am. I had to drink O’Douls because they don’t have alcohol in Saudi Arabia. I will always be a Bills fan. I never bet against them when i was in vegas. Never.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?  I would say make sure everyone is fed. Theres alot of people not eating every day, you see all the food wasted everyday.  People don’t think about that stuff. Shelter too, people should have a place to lay their head.

Describe yourself in one word?  OCD. Everything has its place, I like everything organized. Cars straightened. Same thing at home, everything has to be in its place.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?  Probably that i’m emotional, which I am.

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